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Santiago de Chile

IP Key La Announces New Workshop on Trade Marks and Designs Examination Practice

In IP Key LA’s 2018 work plan, Trade Mark and Design examination practices were the focus of two sub-regional workshops implemented in Central America and the Andean Region – where offices of all Latin America participated. This facilitated discussions on EU and Latin American best practices, in the examination of trade marks and designs by IP Offices.

Building on the success of these workshops, the present activity will foster a ‘hands-on’ approach with case studies, to encourage the IP Offices to further identify and discuss their respective practices in the trade mark and design examination process on several areas of practice. This will also be conducted making the best of the experience of the EU convergence program, which lead to a common EU practice throughout European IP Offices.

The activity is co-organized with INAPI and consists of a two-day regional workshop, on the 16th and 17th of May in Santiago de Chile, dedicated to the examination practice of trade marks and designs. The participants, which are expected to be mostly senior examiners and directors of trade marks and/or designs- will compile and analyze the TM and design examination cases to be further discussed in this workshop.

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