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IP Key LA organizes first virtual training in PVP

IP Key LA, with the support of UPOV and CPVO, is working on the development of a PVP Licensing learning course available online, through EU and international platforms. The proposed activity aims to increase the knowledge public research institutes and small- and medium-sized private breeders have about PVP licensing. This will, in the long term, favor the development of a healthy social and economic environment for R&D in this sector, thus facilitating foreign investment and partnerships.

In this context, the face-to-face workshop “PVP Licensing Lab” is a milestone in the development of the course, where the contents and methodology will be tested in front of a selected group of experts and stakeholders from Latin America and Europe.

By the end of the training, participants -plant breeders, public and private research institutes, small and medium-sized agri-businesses, agricultural authorities, EU right-holders-, should be able to understand why public research institutes should protect new varieties of plants, how to engage in licensing agreements, and how to manage licences.

More information about this activity will be available in the coming weeks, including the contents and requirements to enroll in the online course.



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