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The protection of GIs as a high-priority topic in the region brings EU experts to Mexico

As one of the biggest agri-food producers in Latin America and the origin of many EU imports, the importance of the Mexican market and the growing trade relationship between Europe and Mexico has created the need to discuss and exchange best practice as regards protecting denominations of origin (DOs) and geographical indications (GIs). WIPO, IMPI Mexico and IP Key LA have joined efforts to set up an activity, in March in Mexico City, that provides such opportunity.

The two-day seminar on DOs, GIs and certification marks is oriented to analyse the economic, social and cultural aspects of DOs, raise awareness of the importance of DOs in protecting agricultural and other products, improve the administration of DOs by the competent authorities, share and harmonise the legal requirements for the recognition of DOs in Europe and Mexico, and create a network of IP experts that allows ongoing exchange and cooperation.

European experts invited to the activity are expected to share information with Mexican authorities and producers on EU legislation, judicial decisions and institutional procedures, and on the measures taken both at the borders and within the territories in defence of DOs and GIs.

The activity aims to strengthen the protection of DOs, identify best practice and improve collaboration between the participating authorities and producers within Mexico.



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