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Thailand, Indonesia

Seminars for judges

The roundtable discussion among SEA judges (Act. 20) will take place on 19-20 November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.  The activity will seek to contribute to elevating the quality of IPR decisions rendered by SEA judges and promoting the expeditious disposition of IPR cases, by enhancing their awareness of EU best practices in adjudicating various IPR issues and in adopting expedient rules of procedure. This is expected to benefit EU businesses and rights holders that seek to avail judicial remedies against IPR infringement in the target countries. The two-day event will feature a seminar on the most pressing IP adjudication issues being encountered by SEA judges.

Implemented via a tailor-made, bilateral approach, the Seminar for judges in Indonesia (Act.19), will take place on 22 November 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia and will target specifically Indonesian judges involved in the adjudication of IPR cases before the country’s commercial courts. The event will be organized with the aim of sharing best practices on judicial enforcement and the resolution of IPR disputes before the courts. The activity’s main objective is to encourage the participants, who are critical actors in the effective enforcement and resolution of IP disputes in Indonesia, to continue to improve and expedite judicial enforcement and to contribute to the continued enhancement of the IP regime in Indonesia. 



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