IP rights are one of the priority trade topics between China and the EU and a decisive element for continued EU-China trade and investment growth.

They are also an area that has seen tremendous change over the past 30 years, reflecting the massive economic development China has undergone in the same period.

To reflect the increased importance of intellectual property rights in the political arena, the EU-China IP Dialogue was set up in 2004.

Its annual meetings allow for direct exchange and action planning between the partners on a high level. The IP Dialogue is supported by the EU-China IP Working Group, which meets twice a year.

In July 2013, the EU and China signed an Administrative Agreement detailing their New Intellectual Property Cooperation.

Additionally, the EU-China Dialogue on Innovation was established at the EU-China Summit in September 2012, with the purpose of exchanging inputs and cross-fertilization of activities foreseen under these two frameworks.

IP Key China is the EU’s financial vehicle for this cooperation.