IP Key China is directed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

  • IP Key China is designed to enhance EU-China cooperation in areas of priority with a special focus on a market access related issue. The IP Key China phase II aims mainly at supporting the endeavours of the EU-China IP Dialogue mechanism and related Working Group meetings.

The objectives of IP Key China II are:

  • To promote progressive convergence of China towards European standards in IPR legislation, protection and enforcement and the development of best practices.
  • To support the interest of European business and right holders trading with or investing/operating in China.
  • To contribute to greater transparency and fair implementation of the IPR protection and enforcement system in China, avoiding and discouraging any protectionist market access barriers through the misuse of IPR legislation and to further improve the IPR environment.
  • IP Key China also supports the EU-China IP Dialogue Mechanism and works to  increase political and public awareness of the importance of IPR protection, including through academia.

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