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Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

IP needs of European SMEs — seven-country roving seminar

In countries of the European Union and of Latin America, SMEs account for 99 % of all businesses. They are a key element of both economies: in the last 8 years they have created about 85 % of net new jobs and provided around two-thirds of the total private sector employment in the EU. In Latin America, SMEs account for 67 % of employment.

However, the main barrier to SMEs registering IPR, as stated by the 2019 Intellectual Property SME Scoreboard, is a lack of knowledge of what IP is and how it can benefit their business. Many are receptive to information that will support their business but there is still a need to improve awareness of the benefits of IPR.

IP Key Latin America is familiar with this need, and has joined efforts with the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk and the Eurochambres to carry out a roving seminar directed at EU SMEs. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador are the host countries to these events, which will take place between April and July 2020.

IP, its importance and the benefits to SMEs are just some of the topics that our experts will bring to the activity, aiming to help participants understand not only the need to protect the IP of their assets but the opportunities available for businesses that proactively and effectively protect their IPR.



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