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Seminários sobre a importância dos DPIs para as empresas

In Mexico City, IP Key LA and the Panamericana University successfully organized the "Seminar on the Importance of Intellectual Property in Business: IP Valuation" with over 60 attendees. The event featured several panels that addressed topics such as: strategies and fundamentals, asset management, intangible asset valuation, case studies, and best practices.

The seminar's aim was to enhance the valuation of IP associated with commercial exploitation processes. It was targeted at professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, business owners, and students interested in various methods for valuing IP in the context of commercial exploitation.

Held on October 16, the seminar brought together experts and leaders in the field, providing attendees with valuable insights into the importance and effective methods of valuing IP assets. The event aimed to empower businesses to maximize their competitive advantages through solid strategies.

The second roving seminar, co-organized with the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) and the European Patent Office (EPO), took place in Lima, Peru, on Friday October 20. This event included professionals, entrepreneurs, SME owners, researchers, students, and intellectual property office officials.

The main objective was to impart critical knowledge about the valuation of IP assets in the context of business operations. More than 480 people joined remotely, and approximately 100 guests attended the INDECOPI facilities.

The seminar featured prominent experts in the field and IP asset valuation, addressing a variety of fundamental topics. The first panel focused on the importance of patents in the business environment, with contributions from distinguished figures such as Maximiliano Santa Cruz and Eskil Waage from the EPO. Vicente Zafrilla Díaz-Marta, visiting from Alicante, Spain, offered a comprehensive discussion on IP valuation and its practical relevance.

Subsequent panels, moderated by Alfonso Rivera and Josefina Moreno from IP Key, explored the valuation and management of IP assets, practical applications in transactions and infringement cases, and the fundamental role of intangible assets in obtaining bank credit. The event aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights into the critical role of this subject in the business world, and participants received certificates of attendance, making this seminar an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of IP in business.





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