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Webinar para os diretores de direitos autorais dos países andinos

In an effort to address the ongoing issue of online copyright infringements, a webinar was organized for officials from the copyright offices of the Andean Community on September 8, 2023. This event was hosted by IP Key LA and aimed to promote collaboration among Andean countries in tackling the challenges of online piracy. During the webinar, several key topics were discussed:

  • Legal measures taken by the Colombian copyright office to address online copyright violations.
  • The experience of INDECOPI in blocking websites that infringe on copyright.
  • The implementation of Uruguayan legislation to authorize dynamic measures against infringing websites.
  • Types of copyright violations and their impact, presented by IFPI.

The copyright offices of the Andean Community have accumulated valuable experience in issuing blocking orders against significant infringing websites. However, effective implementation often relies on cooperation from telecommunications authorities and internet service providers.

The webinar facilitated interaction through question-and-answer sessions after each panel, allowing participants to share insights into this growing concern in the modern era.

The event, which included presentations and discussions, saw the participation of over 70 officials from various offices in the region. The webinar concluded with the idea of fostering greater cooperation among the authorities of the Andean Community and aligning their practices with international standards.


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