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Webinar sobre a aplicação das Variedades Vegetais

In an effort to strengthen the protection of plant variety rights in Latin America, this important webinar will took place on November 27th and 28th. The virtual seminar, aimed at officials from plant variety offices in the region, provided a significant platform for delving into the complex landscape of the enforcement of plant variety rights (PVRs).

The importance of protecting plant varieties cannot be underestimated, especially for Latin American economies that heavily rely on agricultural exports. Likewise, European Union (EU) countries with substantial commercial interests in the region have a stake in strong PVR enforcement.

Recognizing the pressing need to comprehensively address these issues, the conference fostered an open exchange of ideas and created a substantial platform for questions and answers. The primary focus was on the protection of breeder's rights, a topic that generated immense interest during the previous workshop.

This event explored various aspects of breeder's rights protection, from legal frameworks to practical enforcement strategies. Attendees gained insights into successful models of cooperation between breeders and enforcement entities, providing inspiration for tackling the challenges associated with PVR enforcement.





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