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Challenges in plant variety protection and opportunities for cooperation

IP Key Latin America organised a seminar in Quito on 25 May to discuss the current state of plant variety protection in Ecuador, in collaboration with the EU Delegation to Ecuador, the CPVO and SENADI.

Following the project’s 2022 Work Plan, the seminar aimed to provide high-quality information and data to Ecuadorian authorities in order to hold a well-informed policy debate on the challenges and opportunities in plant variety protection. A panel of experts engaged in a lively debate about the challenges in plant variety protection in the Andean country, highlighting the vast potential for cooperation in this field.

Representatives from the CPVO, SENADI (Ecuador), INIAP (Ecuador), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Ecuador), experts and stakeholders were invited to this seminar to promote the exchange of best practices between plant variety protection authorities the following ways: supporting innovation and investment in plant breeding, increasing and improving breeder varieties; increasing farmer income and stimulating employment and rural development.

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