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IP Key LA present at the Ninth Meeting of the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, held the ninth meeting of the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance (ALAC) on 2-3 July. This event, organised by the Confederation of Private Businessmen of Bolivia (CEPB) and the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia (ANDI), brought together more than 150 participants, including authorities, representatives of business organisations, and public and private sector actors, to address joint strategies against illicit trade. IP Key LA was represented by Alfonso Rivera (Coordinator of Activities for the Andean Community countries).

The event addressed various relevant topics through conferences and expert panels. The first day was highlighted by the conference on "CAN Decision 922 and Actions", as well as by a panel on "Good Practices of International Integration for the Fight against Smuggling from the Private Initiative". In addition, topics such as the relationship between smuggling and organised crime, and the use of artificial intelligence for the control of illicit trade were discussed.

One of the highlights was the participation of experts in the conference on "Regulatory Enforcement in Digital Trade" on the afternoon of  July 2, presented by IP Key LA on behalf of the EUIPO Observatory. This panel discussed how technology and regulations can be used to strengthen enforcement in digital commerce, an increasingly crucial issue in today's interconnected world. The day concluded with a closing cocktail, encouraging interaction and exchange of ideas among the attendees.

The second day focused on thematic workshops and discussions by sectoral tables, addressing specific sectors such as cigarettes, spirits, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and more. These spaces allowed for a deeper exploration of industry-specific challenges and solutions, ending with a plenary session. This meeting became a milestone in the fight against smuggling in Latin America, promoting collaboration and the exchange of best practices among countries in the region.


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