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Successful video campaign against counterfeit products in Brazil

To tackle the rising tide of counterfeiting and piracy, a campaign has been launched with a special focus on Brazilian youth. To deliver this powerful message, and its immediate consequences, a series of short videos have been produced and are being disseminated on social media.

As part of IP Key LA's awareness-raising efforts, this campaign highlights the fundamental importance of intellectual property (IP) protection by raising public awareness of its value. The easy-to-understand format of the video, enriched with relevant facts, underlines the importance of young people choosing branded products.

The videos address key issues including: the health risks associated with counterfeit medicines and toys, and the economic impact, such as job losses and reduced tax revenues.

With the rise of online shopping and social media, the risk of accidentally buying counterfeit products is increasing. This campaign can serve as a guide to make informed and safe choices.

The ultimate goal of this video series is to inform the public about the importance of choosing genuine products and to highlight recent enforcement actions; this campaign not only empowers consumers, but also fosters a safer and more prosperous environment.

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