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XXII Congress of ASIPI in Mexico City

Mexico is preparing to end 2023 with an event that is of great importance for intellectual property (IP). From 3-6 December, Mexico City will be the stage for the XXII Congress of ASIPI, the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property. The Presidente InterContinental Hotel will serve as the headquarters for this congress, which promises to bring together numerous participants from various fields. The association aims to achieve record attendance with a program that spans academic topics to social activities.

The opening of the congress will feature a keynote lecture on ‘The Brand as a Symbol of the Social Spirit of the Company’ by Alberto Vollmer, a Venezuelan businessman. The agenda includes meetings of the Board of Directors, presentations of Work Committees, opening and closing ceremonies, as well as diverse activities such as wrestling, soccer, tennis, museum tours, and events related to diversity, yoga, running, and the art of mezcal.

Concerning academic topics, issues related to IP will be addressed, including the metaverse, protecting innovations in the sports industry, developing the audiovisual industry, regulatory restrictions on brands – and more. Approximately 1 000 participants are expected to attend, and topics related to finance, ethics, and practical issues in the field of IP will be discussed.

ASIPI aims to raise awareness about the value of IP in Latin America, emphasising its importance for economic growth and development.


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