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IP Key China Stakeholders Meeting held in Beijing

IP Key China Stakeholders Meeting held in Beijing

In the IP Key China stakeholders’ meeting that took place on 18 April, representatives from Chinese government agencies, EU institutions and embassies, academics, industry leaders, IP experts as well as other key stakeholders came together to discuss the significance of international cooperation ion intellectual property (IP) matters.

The meeting featured two insightful panels on ‘An Open and Concerted Approach to Strengthen the IP Landscape’ and ‘How to address the existing and forthcoming challenges of e-commerce’.

The first panel emphasised the critical role of IP protection in facilitating international trade and investment. Discussions touched on challenges in IP protection and enforcement, including patent and trade mark infringements, highlighting the need for constructive dialogue and exchange of best practices between the EU and China. The importance of addressing emerging IP issues, particularly those related to digital technologies, for sustainable innovation and development was underlined.

The second panel explored the challenges of e-commerce, focusing on issues such as cross-border data management and regulatory compliance. Speakers emphasised the need for businesses to modernise technology, using tools such as blockchain and AI to protect intellectual property and improve consumer safety.

Speakers and participants commended the ongoing bilateral cooperation between the EU and China on IP issues, facilitated by the IP Key China project, promoting mutual engagement and convergence of IP systems. The IP Key China project reaffirmed its commitment to continue facilitating communication and collaboration between EU and Chinese stakeholders, contributing to more efficient information sharing and response mechanisms.

The meeting provided both EU and Chinese stakeholders with valuable insights into the common challenges and opportunities in IP protection and enforcement.


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