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France, Germany

Copyright Enforcement and Collective Management in the Digital Era: NCAC visit to the EU

This study visit aims to keep Chinese copyright administrative authority abreast of the recent regulatory and technical developments in the area of online copyright enforcement and collective management in Europe at a time where Chinese Copyright Law undergoes final legislative review, leading the way to the preparation of secondary legislation in related these areas. This also provides a valuable opportunity for National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) to introduce China’s copyright law revision process and online enforcement practices to European stakeholders to enhance mutual understanding and deepen cooperation. The Chinese delegation, consisting of NCAC officials and representative of Chinese Collective Management Organization will meet with wide variety of European counterparts in France and Germany and conduct intensive exchanges of experiences with policy makers, enforcement agencies, collective management societies and industry at European and Member State level.

The programme will cover following aspects:

Ongoing reforms on the protection of copyright and related rights:

-          Supervision, management of CMOs and dispute resolution

-          Transparency, accountability and governance of CMOs

-          Enforcement of copyrights in the digital era

Copyright collective management in digital environment

-          Changing role of CMOs in the digital environment

-          Operational aspects (remuneration, tariff setting , licensing mechanisms)

-          Transparency, accountability and governance of CMOs

-          Monitoring and enforcement in the digital era

-          Representing and safeguarding rights

-          Development of EU/Int’l licensing and cooperation agreements


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