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Peer to peer exchange on developing a well functioning innovative system

Innovation fuels economic growth by creating new markets and increasing productivity. Empirical analysis suggests that an efficient and well-structured IP system accelerates innovation. The Office for the Harmonization of the Internal market (OHIM) and the European Patent Office (EPO) jointly published a study entitled “Intellectual property rights intensive industries: Contribution to economic performance and employment in the European Union”. For the English version of the study click here, for the Chinese version click here. This is the first attempt of its alike to quantify the overall contribution made by IPR-intensive industries to the EU economy. The study reveals that “IPR-intensive industries contribute 26% of employment and 39% of GDP in the EU.”

The EU features world leading industries, top universities, and a modern and balanced IP system that has been designed as an incentive mechanism to promote innovation. With innovation in the core of the EU agenda, the EU has put into place a range of innovation policy supported by interactive policy tools including Intellectual Property System, public research system and public funding mechanism.

China, after more than three decades’ rapid economic growth, has been taking considerable steps to boost investment in science and technology. In 2012, China’s R&D intensity was on a par with the EU (source: OECD), with an ambition to reach 2.5% of GDP on research by 2020. Meanwhile, China became the world top patent filing nation in 2011. A number of Chinese firms have gained global visibility and market presence, such as Huawei, Lenovo and Alibaba. China is rising as an important player in the changing world innovation landscape.

IP Key will be hosting a roundtable workshop on innovation policies to enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s institutional framework, policy instruments and initiatives that are conducive to innovation. Through a comparative analysis approach, European and Chinese policy makers, academia and industry will discuss relevant institutional and policy frameworks in the EU and China,the construction of a IP system that ensures sustainable and innovation-based economic growth, the impact of IP on the Economy, and intellectual property valuation.

This roundtable will take place on July 1 in Brussels in the margin of a Chinese inter-ministerial visit to Europe. Chinese policy-makers from 8 IP related agencies, IP judges, procurator and leading IP experts will participate the roundtable.

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