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Shanghai, Guangzhou

Peer to Peer Exchanges between Chinese and EU prosecutors on IP criminal enforcement

Between October 25 and 28, 2016 IP Key had the pleasure to cooperate with the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in a set of peer to peer exchanges for European and Chinese criminal prosecutors.

The meetings were courteously hosted by the Shanghai and Guangzhou Public Prosecutor Offices, who provided the venue and hospitality to develop two days of extensive discussions on issues of common interest for Chinese and European prosecutors in the fight of IP crimes.

The European delegation was composed by prosecutors from Romania and Denmark, as well as law enforcement professionals form Italian Guardia di Finanza and EUROPOL, who brought their experience and insights on various topics of criminal prosecution, including:

  • Coordination between administrative and criminal enforcement;
  • Powers and responsibilities of prosecutors in coordinating IPR criminal cases with law enforcement;
  • Prosecution standards in IPR criminal cases;
  • Main challenges encountered by prosecutors in IPR-related investigations;
  • Specialisation and continuing education programs for prosecutors dealing with IP crimes;
  • Criminal enforcement and cooperation in transnational IPR crimes, especially measures to tackle organised crime, online counterfeiting and piracy.

A special visit to the Shanghai Prosecutor Office allowed - in particular –to address issues of digital evidence collection in IPR criminal cases, as well as the value of victims’ (i.e. IPR holders) participation in criminal investigation.

Special press releases on Chinese social media can be found here and here.

IP Key is once again thankful to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and to all the Chinese prosecutors who shared their expertise, thus making it an important occasion of dialogue and exchange.

For more information on this activity, please contact LTE Davide Follador [].

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