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Spain, France, Sweden

Peer to Peer Exchanges in the EU with the Ministry of Public Security on IP Criminal Enforcement

On 12-20 December 2016, accompanied by IP Key, a DDG delegation of the Ministry of Public Security of China visited Spain, France and Sweden for engaging in peer-to-peer exchanges with national law enforcement departments on IPR criminal enforcement practices.

Counterfeiting is still erroneously considered by large public opinion a “victim-less” crime, while policy makers are increasingly aware of the impact of counterfeiting on legal economy as well as the role played by international organized criminal organizations.

The two parties therefore suggested looking into the practices concerning IP criminal prosecution in the EU, by learning from EU Member States’, EU Observatory’s and EUROPOL’s experience, in order to improve  common understanding on the challenges posed by the international trafficking of counterfeits and global piracy.

Under the organization of IP Key, the MPS delegation visited the national police and prosecution offices in Spain, France and Sweden and had peer-to-peer exchanges with EU prosecutors, law enforcement professionals and institutions involved in the criminal enforcement of IP violations. During the meetings, the parties deepened their communication by discussing about specific issues and reached understanding to enhance cooperation on cracking down on IPR-related crimes in the future.

For additional information please contact the activity coordinator Davide Follador at

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