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EUIPO (Alicante, Spain) and EU seaports/airports

Right holders workshop at the EUIPO combined with a study visit to EU seaports and airports

In the framework of the support to EU-CN Customs Action Plan, IP Key China will organise, in cooperation with DG TAXUD, a study visit for a Chinese delegation (5 GACC representatives and Chinese Customs Officers) to the customs facilities of important EU seaports or airports, aiming at exchanging knowledge and experience on each other’s IPR enforcement policies and practices to develop new initiatives and strengthen the actual collaboration, as part of key action 5 of the CN-EU Action Plan.

Back to this visit, IP Key China will invite the Chinese delegation to EUIPO premises for two days of meetings and exchanges:

-  the EU-China Working Group meeting will bring together EU and Chinese customs officers of the 16 Member States involved in the Action Plan, preceded by the EU-China coordination meeting with the EU representatives;

- and to end, on the 18th October, IP Key China will organise a right holders forum, in which private companies and associations will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with EU and Chinese customs authorities, DG TAXUD, the Observatory and OLAF (tbc).

The objective of the forum is to facilitate the collaboration between customs authorities and right holders. For both groups collaboration is crucial in fighting against IPR infringement. An open discussion should enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s problems, through the development of exchange of infringement risk information.

Customs authorities and EUIPO will help right holders (including SMEs) to increase their understanding of customs procedures and requirements necessary to enforce their IP rights and how to access public information (info on seizures exchange, CN website for signals), which will allow them to better protect their IP rights.

On the other hand, right holders will have the opportunity to inform Customs Officers on their initiatives and provide them with all relevant information to improve their ability to effectively enforce IPR, including training on product information.


For further information please contact Silvia GONZÁLEZ CHANSON:



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