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Study on China’s Design Patent System

The Study on China’s Design Patent System is an important part of the patent study series initiated by IP Key China, which follows the published Studies on Bad-faith patent application, Patent Invalidation System and Utility Model System in China.

Based on China’s Patent Law (the 4th Amendment), the study is composed of five parts, including:

  • analysis of the latest changes related to China’s design system and its impact on EU rights holders;
  • bad faith applications with the case-analysis method introduced;
  • protection of graphical user interfaces (GUIs);
  • the Hague Agreement; and
  • unregistered design rights in China.

Each part of the study comes from comprehensive comparisons between the design systems in the EU and China and in-depth horizontal and vertical analysis. In addition, the tailored measures and suggestions are proposed to the Chinese government with a view to aligning their practices with international and EU ones, particularly against the backdrop of China’s accession to the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs on 5 May 2022.

For more IP studies, please stay tuned to IP Key China.


  1. Study on China’s Design Patent System [EN]
  2. Study on China’s Design Patent System [CN]

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