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Alicante, Spain

Workshop on promotion of TMclass

IP Key facilitated the participation of two participants from the SAIC to a workshop addressed to non-EU offices which have integrated IT tools. The Chinese participants were involved only in the workshop session dedicated to TMclass as it is the only tool which the SAIC has integrated this far, in particular regarding data set management in the Terminology Maintenance Console (TMC).

TMclass helps users classify goods and services when applying for a trade mark. When users run a search in the tool, they can see participating office databases where that term appears, as well as the translations of that term.

The Terminology Maintenance Console is the business administration tool for TMclass (and Similarity). It serves to create and delete terms, manage translations and correct any errors.

It allows participating offices to maintain their database which are made available through TMclass and hence maintain a harmonised database between participating offices. In addition, should an office be part of Similarity projects, the TMC enables allows participating offices to maintain pairs stemming from their oppositions where specific goods and services are in debate.

The SAIC successfully integrated TMclass on 15 March 2014.

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