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IP Key Launches EU and China Law Database

IP Key is pleased to announce the launch of the EU and China Law Database, a comprehensive resource of IP laws in Europe and China, a valuable tool for industry, academics and legal advisors.

It contains over 1,600 IP  laws, regulations, notices, rules and implementation guidelines as well as case laws and agreements.  Many of  the major laws are translated from Chinese to English or English to Chinese, however if anything is missing please do let us know.  If you have a translation that you would like to share please also feel free to pass this to us as well as any other suggestions of useful content.

At the same time IP Key has also transferred all the files from IPR2 to the IP Document database which contains, reports, guides and presentations and will be updated with guides, presentations and information produced by IP Key.

We welcome your feedback as we make final adjustments to the functions and as we upload the most up to date laws.  Please email us at

To manage all your IP resources in one place and to get updates on laws and regulations related to your field of interest -  register  now.  

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