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Study Visits to the EU with the LAC on the reform of the Patent and Copyright Laws

Between 27th of May and 4th of June, a Chinese delegation composed of 12 officials of the Legislative Affairs Commission at the Standing Committee of the PRC National People’s Congress (LAC) participated in a Study Visit in Europe, organised by IP Key China. Different expert roundtables, workshops and peer-to-peer meetings were organized during the visits in Madrid, Prague and Rome. The LAC delegates had the opportunity to meet and exchange views on several copyright and patent enforcement policy aspects with European experts representing national Patent and Trademark Offices, Ministries, CMOs, University, Government, Industry and IP law profession. China is currently revising the patent and copyright laws, and in this context the LAC delegates had the chance to exchange experiences, collect materials and knowledge relevant for the legislative reforms.

Following the study visits, the LAC experts will draft a report incorporating the main conclusions and recommendations, highlighting the main findings generated during meetings in Europe. The report will include possible suggestions, relevant to the legislative reforms, while identifying areas where further research is needed. This report is intended to be a reference document for the Chinese lawmakers.

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