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Workshops and Study Visits for SPP Prosecutors in Europe

The Workshops and Study Visits for SPP Prosecutors in Europe was organised and supported by IP Key China.

With aims to facilitate discussions around issues of common interest and concern to European and Chinese prosecutors working on IP infringement cases, this activity provided an opportunity among prosecutors from EU and China to share information on trends and challenges in cross-border organised crime, IPR infringement, evidence gathering, international cooperation etc to facilitate discussions on future reform projects of the SPP impacting on country-wide criminal enforcement practices.

In the Netherlands, the EU-China Intellectual Property Prosecutors Best Practice Group was organised and chaired by the EUIPO, and hosted in the Hague this year. The event which was titled “Current Challenges in Intellectual Property Rights Cases” was held on 24 May, and invited the SPP delegation to attend and share their insights during the session with more than 10 IP prosecution experts from Europe. On 27 May, the EUIPO hosted a valuable opportunity to the SPP delegation to visit the EUIPO and the EU Observatory to share practices, discuss the challenges and international cooperation. Participating in this meeting was also 4 Spanish prosecutors and judges that shared the Spanish experience with criminal IP enforcement.

This study visit tour for SPP Prosecutors was organised based on a number of successful cooperation between the European Commission and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in the past with the technical support of IP Key. The EU-China cooperation on IPR criminal enforcement builds on strong foundations, which have been reinforced over the years by the IP Key’s activities.

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