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EU Product Specification Seminars for IPR Enforcement Authorities in South-East Asia

To discuss the latest methods to combat counterfeiting in physical and online marketplaces, and in support of the cooperation between EU businesses and enforcement authorities in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, IP Key South-East Asia (SEA) organised a series of online seminars on EU Product Specification, targeting South-East Asian IPR enforcement authorities on 4-5 (Thailand), 12-13 (Indonesia), 16-17 (the Philippines) and 27 (Malaysia) November 2020.

During the seminars, EU enforcement experts presented new developments in the latest methods of investigating and prosecuting infringement cases both in physical and online marketplaces. During the program, EU businesses operating in the SEA countries also shared information with the IPR enforcement authorities from each country on how to identify infringing goods, in order to be able to take action against them.

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