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Thailand joins TMview

As of 27 September 2019, The Department of Intellectual Property under the of Ministry of Commerce in Thailand (DIP) has made its trade mark data available to the TMview search tool.

With DIP on board of TMview, the tool now contains data from 69 participating offices.


IP enforcement tools in the EU explained

IP Key SEA and ARISE+ IPR Project Leader Tiago Guerreiro outlined the key IP enforcement tools and databases currently in use in the EU during a Southeast Asia IPR SME Helpdesk webinar on enforcement held on 17 April.


Join IP Key SEA and LaLiga to celebrate World IP Day 2019 in Thailand!

The IP Key SEA team joins Spanish football league, LaLiga, to mark World IP Day in Bangkok, Thailand, highlighting the important role that intellectual property plays in supporting sports leagues, clubs, players and facilities.  Trademarks and copyright, in particular, help protect the revenue fr


IP offices work towards enhanced EU-SE Asia patent data exchange services

IT officials and managers from the IP offices of Southeast Asia met with IP Key SEA and European Patent Office (EPO) representatives in Bangkok on 20-21 February to work through data sharing mechanisms that will lead to enhanced services for both local and international users.