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South East Asia

IP Key SEA Annual Work Plan 2-2019

The Project Management Board (PMB) of the IP Key Southeast Asia (SEA) Project adopted the Second Annual Work Plan (AWP2-2019) on 21 December 2018. AWP2-2019 of IP Key SEA covers an implementation period of 12 months, from 01 January to 31 December 2019, and consists of 25 activities, all contributing to the objectives of the action, which includes support to the negotiations and implementation of FTAs and the IP dialogue in Southeast Asian countries, enhancing the capacity of IP authorities, improving registration practices, and raising awareness on IP protection and enforcement. 

The AWP2 activities address the most pressing IP concerns identified following a comprehensive consultation process with European and Southeast Asian stakeholders, various departments and agencies of the European Commission, and the respective government agencies and IP Offices of the Southeast Asian countries.  The activities were also developed based on learnings from the implementation of AWP1-2018, preliminary results of gap analysis studies for FTA negotiations, and official EU documents on the state of play of IPRs in third countries and the counterfeit and piracy watch list.  

The AWP2 ensures a balanced approach in terms of geographical distribution of activities in countries with which the EU has FTA negotiations or IP dialogues (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand), and those where FTA negotiations have been concluded (Viet Nam and Singapore).

The AWP 2 is aligned with EU priorities on intellectual property rights in Southeast Asia, and covers copyright, geographical indications, industrial designs, patents, plant varieties, trademarks, enforcement, and IT tools. In addition, the AWP2-2019 includes activities that are of mutual interest to both the EU and the SEA partner countries to ensure ownership of the activities and sustainability of results.

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