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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Second Regional Meeting on Train the Trainers Programme

Following the meeting held in Manila, Philippines on 10-11 June 2019, this 2nd Regional Meeting on the Development of an ASEAN Training Programme for AMS IPO Patent Examiners will continue the development and implementation of a SEA Patent Examiner Coaching Programme where SEA IP Offices conducting substantive patent search and examination would adopt a regional collective training programme for newly recruited patent examiners. Under the programme, a training methodology and a set of training materials will be developed with the assistance of European and international patent experts. In order to ensure the self-sustainability of the initiative, the programme will adopt train-the-trainers approach. This activity is intended to benefit EU users and businesses whose patent applications filed in the target countries will be examined by highly trained SEA examiners. The Programme will also serve as a useful forum for the discussion of the SEA patent examination practices and the sharing of international and EU best practices in patent examiner training.

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