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Technical Meeting on the Thailand MoU on the Protection of IPRs on the Internet

‘Technical Meeting on the Thailand Memorandum of Understanding on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet’ took place on 30 July 2021. This activity aims to continue to raise awareness about the important role of intermediary service providers (ISPs), such as e-commerce and social media platforms, in the protection and enforcement of IPRs in the online environment. By promoting voluntary collaboration and cooperation arrangements between IPR owners and ISPs, under the supervision of IP authorities, EU IPR owners and businesses in Thailand will have more partners in the fight against online infringements. A technical meeting was organised to share the EU’s experience and expertise on the adoption, implementation and monitoring of similar memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in relation to e-commerce platforms and online advertisers, and to promote the signing and acceptance of the MoU by more online platforms and IPR owners in Thailand.

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