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Best practices for IP enforcement discussed in EU roundtable for Southeast Asia judiciary

From 4 to 6 July 2018, the EUIPO welcomed key members of the judiciary from Southeast Asia for a roundtable organised by IPKey SEA on IP enforcement measures. Counting on the presence of expert judges in charge of IP cases before national courts, the roundtable brought together an impressive roster of jurists who are envisioned to work towards significantly improving the effectiveness of IP enforcement in their respective countries.

The activity aimed to highlight international best practices in IP judicial enforcement and discuss common issues and challenges being faced by national courts in the adjudication of IP cases.

European Observatory on Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights Deputy Director Andrea Di Carlo opened the proceedings. In addition to presentations from the participating judges on specific aspects of their respective national IP judicial frameworks, Prof. Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl and the European Observatory’s Erling Vestergaar delivered a range of presentations over the duration of the roundtable. The topics and practices discussed include the international IP framework, special rules of procedure for IP cases, legal remedies, provisional and precautionary measures, and jurisdictional issues. Modern challenges such as online trademark and copyright infringement, e-commerce, domain names, and IP adjudication in the digital environment will also be tackled, among others.

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