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IP Key SEA celebrates green innovation on the World IP Day, supporting the DIP Thailand Photo Contest

On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, 26 April 2020, IP Key South-East Asia (SEA) project extends its support to innovators and creators who embark on the green journey and supports the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Thailand in the organization of the DIP Photography Contest under the theme ‘Innovate for a Green Future’, defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Green innovation and eco-friendly technologies play a huge role in promoting and enhancing sustainable development in the modern and globalized world. The world is on the threshold of having its valuable natural resources harmed by non-sustainable consumption and production unless the intellectual property rights owners who work with an eco-friendly approach and have an optimistic prospect on environmental protection are supported.

Though the theme of the contest opens to a wide variety of interpretations, it emphasizes the importance of environmental preservation and the role of intellectual property rights in encouraging the right owners to innovate and create the works of their expertise while bearing in mind the concept of social responsibility.

“As the project is funded by the European Union and focuses on intellectual property, it is our mission to show that intellectual property is an essential part of the global mission on the green economy and support the contest as its concept is in line with the EU Green Deal, one of the European Commission’s top priorities,” shared IP Key SEA Project Leader Tiago Guerreiro. “We are very pleased to partner up with the DIP Thailand on this important occasion and would like to encourage you all to participate in the contest.”

The online submission is open from 5 May until 5 June 2020. The jury members, including experts on intellectual property and innovation and a representative from the Photo Business Association of Thailand, will select 12 finalists who will participate in an online program where the jury members will present their constructive comments. Additionally, the finalist whose photo receives the highest engagement rate on the DIP Facebook page will receive the Popular Vote Award.

The contest is organized by the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Thailand with the support from the European Union (EU) through IP Key SEA and ARISE+ IPR projects, the United States Embassy Bangkok, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Bangkok).


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