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IP Key SEA launches its fourth Annual Work Plan

The EU-funded project, IP Key South-East Asia, (IP Key SEA) implemented its first, second, and third Annual Work Plans in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively. In January 2021, IP Key SEA launched its fourth Annual Work Plan to assist Southeast Asian countries in addressing IP-related challenges and support these countries in developing IP regulations to align with international standards.

Under the framework of the fourth Annual Work Plan (AWP4‑2021), IP Key SEA will continue to provide a platform for the exchange of EU best practices and provision of support to facilitate each country’s accession to international agreements. Due to the COVID‑19 pandemic, the project will follow the AWP3 approach by performing activities virtually and providing technical support remotely. The activities cover several IP areas from trade marks, patents, and geographical indications to plant variety protections and trade secrets. They also address emerging issues concerning IPR infringements in physical and online marketplaces, IPR customs enforcement, and supports FTAs negotiations and implementations in the region.

The list of activities under AWP4‑2021 is accessible here.



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