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IP Key SEA partners up with BIPAM for the ‘Workshop on IP in Performing Arts’ in Bangkok

On 25 March 2021, the Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) and the Creative Economy Agency (CEA), in partnership with IP Key South-East Asia (SEA), organised a ‘Workshop on Intellectual Property in Performing Arts’ in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop provided a platform for exchanges from more than 40 performing art practitioners, varying from directors and playwrights to university students.

The participants had a chance to listen to a presentation by a copyright expert from the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, Ms Gyta Berasnevičiūtė-Singh, who joined virtually from the premises of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain. There was also a panel discussion with a copyright expert from Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) and a Thai IP lawyer from S&I International law firm.

Both sessions provided detailed information and insights on copyrights and related rights from the perspective of both the EU and Thailand. Furthermore, the sessions brought about helpful dialogues on the comparison of the two sets of practices and the way forward to create an IP arena benefiting Thailand’s performing art industry.

Following the two sessions, participants took part in a group-breakout session. This gave them an opportunity to share their first-hand experiences on four topics, namely rights holders’ copyrights and related rights, the utilisation of other people’s works, the adaptation of existing works, and international touring.

The three-hour workshop created an interactive environment and received highly positive feedback. It started countless conversations on the challenges that Thai performing art practitioners are currently facing, as well as those they will face in the future, where knowledge and know-how of copyrights and related rights can play a vital part in their professionalisation process.

A report covering the workshop’s content will soon be available in Thai on the BIPAM official website.

You can find photographs from the workshop here.



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