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IP Key SEA works to combat counterfeit cosmetics through the #YourHealthisPriceless campaign

The EU-funded project IP Key South-East Asia (SEA) continues to combat the sale and consumption of counterfeit products by launching the second phase of the communication campaign, #YourHealthisPriceless, focusing on counterfeit cosmetics and beauty products.

The project is implementing this part of the campaign following the first phase, which focused on counterfeit medicines. It aims to inform consumers about the harm of counterfeit cosmetics, which can be purchased easily in physical and online marketplaces throughout Southeast Asia. It also promotes the purchase of genuine products with legitimate trade marks to avoid possible harmful effects caused by counterfeit and substandard products.

This IP Key SEA campaign aims to continue raising the public’s awareness of this issue, and initiate dialogues on intellectual property rights, including trade mark protection. Trade marks protect consumers against confusion, deception and misleading information, help them distinguish genuine products from counterfeit ones, and guarantee products’ quality. An efficient trade mark protection system can prevent people from being exposed to dangerous substances and could save their lives’ said Tiago Guerreiro, IP Key SEA Project Leader.

Apart from the health aspect, these counterfeit products also destroy the legal supply chain and slow down economic development globally. This alarming effect has become a significant concern for businesses, enforcement authorities, and other government organisations worldwide, including those in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Local authorities in Southeast Asia are currently undertaking efforts to prevent the trafficking of counterfeit beauty products and protect consumers from the harmful effects that these products cause to their faces, skin, and holistic well-being. Through the IP Key SEA project, the EU fully supports this mission throughout the region’ added Guerreiro.

The full press release is accessible here.



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