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Patent examination training to advance services in SE Asia

IP Key SEA and the European Patent Office (EPO) conducted a ‘Train-the-trainers’ programme for patent examiners from ten IP offices across Southeast Asia in Cambodia on 3-4 December.  EPO Administrator for International Co-operation Nicholas Körnig explained, “[The] meeting is a continuation of the work accomplished under the EPO-ASEAN Train-the-Trainers Programme for Patents, which was made possible with the strong commitment and close cooperation of the Southeast Asian Patent Offices.” He said that the momentum towards a regional training program to benefit IP stakeholders in Southeast Asia could be sustained through a pragmatic, step-by-step approach. 

Representatives from the IP offices presented training modules earlier prepared under the EPO-ASEAN program and reported on the progress of their integration into internal training programs, as well as challenges that were encountered. They also outlined local practices relating to the assessment of novelty, inventive step, unity of invention and other examination issues. Feedback on the local training modules was provided by EPO, IP Australia and IP Key experts throughout the two-day meeting. 

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