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Trademarks and industrial designs to benefit IP officials and local businesses

Between 10-15 August, the IP Key SEA team will organize a series of seminars on trademarks and industrial designs for stakeholders in three ASEAN Member States. ‘The Roving Seminar for IP Officials on the Registration and Enforcement of Trademarks and Industrial Designs’ will be held in Indonesia and Thailand, while the ‘Roving Seminar on EU Trademarks and Community Designs for EU and Southeast Asian Companies’ will take place in Thailand and Viet Nam.

The seminars for IP officials will focus on EUIPO examination procedures and the protection and enforcement of EU Trademarks and Community Designs. The objective of this exercise is to enhance the knowledge of IP Officials on trademark and industrial design systems, as well as the enforcement practices of the EU. During the training sessions, EUIPO best practices will be discussed, as well as unregistered and non-traditional designs, bad faith registrations cases, and how to improve access to trademark and design information through the global databases, TMView and DesignView.

Meanwhile, the two-day seminars for EU and Southeast Asian companies aim to increase awareness of business stakeholders in relation to both EU and local trademark and industrial design registration practices. Country-specific registration procedures, non-traditional trademarks, local case studies, online IP tools as well as the interface with copyright, domain names and trade dress will be covered, among other topics.

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