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Trade Mark Strategy for Chinese Companies doing business overseas

Chengdu, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Wuhan

Trade Mark Strategy for Chinese Companies doing business overseas

Over 500 people attended the 5 half-day Trade mark strategy conferences in Chengdu, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Wuhan organised by IP Key between 1-8 June. The purpose of the trade mark IP strategy conference is to support Chinese companies and legal representatives on IP issues as they internationalise their business.

Two videos were launched during the conference highlighting how to use TMview and TMclass for pre and post registration strategy. The video can be viewed in the following links:

The videos were supplemented by presentations by experts from EUIPO and China law firms.

Mr. Martin Beckman, Project Manager, EUIPO gave live demonstrations on how to use the international databases TMview and TMclass. A trade mark search using TMview is the solution to the thorny problem facing many would-be brand owners: How to find out if a trade mark is already taken. TM View can also assist you to monitor the trade mark so that nobody infringes your brand. TMclass which is available in Chinese language, can search for translation and classification of goods and services when applying for trade marks.

Mr. Christophe Gimenez, EUIPO, IP Attaché for the EU Delegation to China emphasized the importance of a strategy and highlighted the key benefits of using the tools, which includes 46 IP offices and over 40 Million Trademarks applications in TMview, and 54 IP offices and 36 languages on TMclass, all free of charge.

The seminars presented a good opportunity for Chinese companies who are doing businesses abroad, or are planning for international expansion, as well as trade mark agencies and specialist to learn more about the international tools that can help them be more strategic in their approach to protect and register trademarks abroad. 

Agenda for each city can be downloaded below: 

Chengdu Agenda, Click here

Qingdao Agenda, Click here

Shenzhen Agenda, Click here

Tianjin Agenda, Click here

Wuhan Agenda, Click here

For more information about this activity or for general information about IP Key, please contact Jaspal Channa

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