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Training by CPVO on the implementation of the Quality Audit System in Examination Offices of the EU

Nanjing and Kunming, China

Training by CPVO on the implementation of the Quality Audit System in Examination Offices of the EU

The steep increase in PVP applications in China and the rapidly growing number of botanical taxa included in the system have resulted in the creation of new DUS test centres and the collaboration with existing institutions working in this field. Next to the training of experts involved in DUS testing work, establishing a solid framework to organise the cooperation with test centres will be an important task for the PVP authorities.

Chinese PVP authorities operate a similar function as the CPVO, with examination facilities specialised in certain species and representing a given set of agro-climatic conditions. An audit programme approach aims to harmonise across species, define and ensure minimum standards for testing work and enhance the transparency of the evaluation of candidate varieties.

CPVO’s Quality Audit Service (QAS) is responsible for verifying whether technical examination offices meet the quality standards required for providing services to the CPVO in the area of testing compliance of candidate varieties with the DUS criteria. To this end, regular assessments are conducted at the entrusted Examination Offices and at the test sites involved in the technical work.

Hosted by the MARA - DCST and the NFGA, two experts of the CPVO’s QAS will visit Nanjing and Kunming DUS Test Stations to deliver, first a theoretical course to relevant experts from Chinese plant variety protection authorities in defining evaluation criteria for cooperating examination facilities; followed by a practical session, which will consist of the carry out of audits at the DUS test centres while Chinese participants are trained on formulating, addressing and following-up on audit findings.


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