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IP Key China promotes Intellectual Property discussions in Beijing

IP Key China promotes Intellectual Property discussions in Beijing

In December 2021, IP Key China, in partnership with its Chinese stakeholders and with the support of the EU Delegation to China, organised the EU-China Forum on Criminal IP Enforcement (1-2 December) and the EU-China Conference on IPR Protection Online & Innovation (9 December).

These EU-China exchange activities on Intellectual Property (IP) attracted over 200 participants online and offline, bringing together EU and Chinese government agencies, law-enforcement agencies, prosecution offices, business, e-commerce and social media platforms, multinational enterprises, industry associations, and other IP stakeholders.

The speakers and participants exchanged views, ideas and practices in response to IP concerns from EU IP rights holders. The discussion covered a wide range of IP protection topics such as new trends and challenges on the IP criminal enforcement, IP protection across new forms of E-commerce, international collaboration on the IP criminal enforcement, the role of Internet Intermediaries, etc.  

On 30 November 2021, the European Commission and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published the study “EU enforcement of intellectual property rights: results at the EU border and in the EU internal market 2020”. This study mentioned that in 2020 counterfeit products worth almost €2 billion were seized in the EU’s internal market and at external borders. It also provided useful information to support the analysis of IPR infringements in the EU and the development of appropriate countermeasures by the relevant enforcement authorities.  Among these measures, the cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and between IP stakeholders and law enforcement agencies were of key importance to contain counterfeit trade globally. All these topics were discussed at the EU-China Forum on Criminal IP Enforcement.

At the event, IP Key China team also presented the “Study on Response to Online Counterfeiting and Piracy”, which identifies and assesses the changes in the legal framework of China after E-Commerce Law and its effects on dealing with online counterfeiting and piracy, by analysing the legislative development, platform voluntary measures, latest cases, and right owner feedbacks.

Talking at these events, Ms. Helene Juramy, from the Trade Section of the EU Delegation to China, stressed the importance of EU-China cooperation on IP protection and the implementation of related mechanisms. IP protection not only mattered to the economy, but also to consumers’ security and health. Mr. Benoit Misonne, EUIPO attaché at the EU Delegation to China, highlighted the need to adapt to constant new challenges in IP protection. IP Key China was committed to work with all parties on key issues, such as the cross-border nature of e-commerce, IP criminal law enforcement, trade secret protection, with a view to protect the interests of EU business in China and improving the IPR environment.

IP Key China

IP Key China is a project directed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

IP Key China aims to support and facilitate market access to international firms and innovators, especially taking into account concerns expressed by European businesses.

To ensure market access, the European Union works cooperatively with the Chinese authorities to increase transparency and improve the implementation of the intellectual property and IP enforcement system.

IP Key China also supports the EU-China IP Dialogue Mechanism and works to raise awareness on the importance of IP in the region.

More information about IP Key China: https://ipkey.eu/en/china

Latest news from IP Key China: https://ipkey.eu/en/china/news

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