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EU Business Forum Virtual Conference Series: IP Offices and the Future of IP Governance in South-East Asia

Between 19-26 October 2020, IP Key SEA organised a series of webinars on ‘IP Offices and the Future of IP Governance in South-East Asia’. The virtual conferences featured six South-East Asian IP offices, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Each showcased their current initiatives on enhancing IPR protection and enforcement in their jurisdictions, how they have been implementing continuity programmes during the COVID-19 crisis, and their future plans for further developing the respective national IP systems to conform to international standards and adopt best practices. Representatives from EU businesses and the European Chambers of Commerce in the South-East Asian countries participated in the forums.

One virtual forum was organised for each country, resulting in six webinars. Each event featured an open forum session with EU businesses/the European Chambers of Commerce in the respective SEA countries, in order to promote interaction and enhance engagement between the IP authorities and EU businesses.

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