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Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Private sectors, ISPs and IP authorities discussed online IPR infringements in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

IP Key SEA organized on 10 (Indonesia), 11 (Malaysia) and 12 (Thailand) June 2020 a video conference on the Exchange of Best Practices on Industry Voluntary Measures Against Online IPR Infringements. The virtual session aimed to find effective solutions and remedies to the problems that online IPR infringements can cause. The activity contributed to the cooperative effort between private stakeholders and IP authorities of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, introducing the challenges that the authorities, the IP right holders, and the Intermediary Service Providers (ISPs) are facing and sharing best practices from a global and an EU perspective. Representatives from several platforms of ISPs also joined the video conference to present the current initiatives being used in the prevention of online IPR infringements through their mechanisms.

The activity was designed following the outcomes of the 2019 Conference on the Exchange of Best Practices on Online Infringement and the Responsibility of Intermediary Service Providers (ISPs), and on the basis that online infringements in SEA has been a concern for both private sectors and SEA IP Offices and, hence, needs to be tackled efficiently.

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