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Seminar on Plant Variety Rights and UPOV 1991

The activity is aimed at continuing to raise awareness on plant variety protection and the benefits of the UPOV 1991 Act. The seminar focuses on the importance of plant variety protection to address concerns regarding food security and climate change, as well as to promote a better understanding of the issues relevant to strengthening PVP systems and UPOV 1991 Act membership.



Impact of UPOV on Plant Variety Protection System: Introduction


UPOV 1991 Convention as a Tool to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The Contribution of the CPVR System to the EU Economy and Environment


The Contribution of Plant Variety Protection in Kenya’s Economy


Experience of Vietnam in the Accession to the 1991 Act


Synergies Between Plant Breeding and Conservation of Genetic Resources: Japan and Argentina


Essentially Derived Varieties: UPOV


Essentially Derived Varieties: CPVO


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