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Webinar on the protection of geographical indications in the online market

In light of the recently signed EU-China GI agreement, on 2 December IP Key China organised a webinar on the protection of geographical indications in the online market. The webinar was organised in cooperation with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) and the China Anti-infringement and Anti-counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA).

The webinar aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange between the stakeholders involved in the e‑commerce of GIs in China.

John Clarke (Director, International Relations, DG AGRI) and Hong Yunfeng (Director-General, CAASA) opened the webinar. Together with Georges-Henry. Carrard (DG AGRI) they explained the GI legal framework and the recently signed EU-China bilateral agreement.

Upon entering into force, the agreement will provide a high level of protection against any use of a similar product which does not originate from the place indicated, or where it does not comply with the GI specifications. However, for the agreement to be effective, enforcement is crucial.

Massimo Vittori (OriGIn), Andre Zhu (Pinduoduo) and Bartolomeo Filadelfia (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies of Italy) discussed the opportunities and challenges that online markets represent for GIs. Online markets are important due to their potential for expanding the presence of geographical indications on international markets. While this online presence represents a great opportunity, it also brings with it important challenges in terms of protecting, controlling and enforcing GI rights. All stakeholders in the agri-food chain (producers, consumers, online retailers, enforcement authorities) have an essential role to play – and their coordination at all levels is key.

Download the agenda and presentations.

Watch a recording of this online webinar with Chinese subtitles.





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