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IP Key China Work Achievement: Plant Variety Rights

With IP Key China’s continuous commitment, the cooperation between the EU and China on Plant Variety Protection (PVP) has advanced in recent years. Proper protection for plant varieties in the Chinese market not only benefits the breeders, farmers, and producers but also serves end consumers and citizens. European Union breeders show an increasing interest to invest in China and are the first foreign applicants in numbers for many species.

Various PVP activities and trainings are organised by IP Key China since 2017 with a view to increase exchanges and improve the expertise of Chinese interested stakeholders, including:



IP Key China will continue to strengthen the PVP cooperation between the EU and China and support the implementation of the Administrative Agreement on Trilateral Cooperation between CPVO, DCST-MARA, and STDC-NFGA (2021-2025). The project will also closely monitor the implementation of the recent Seed Law entered into force in 2022 and continue putting its best efforts into streamlining PVP application procedure, training activities, and exchange of experiences with PVR administration, consolidating DUS examination, and exploring and sharing enforcement-related practices.

For further information on the project or general questions about PVP cooperation between the EU and China, please reach


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