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Seminar in cooperation with UPOV, Chinese ministry, on the international cooperation on the “take-over” of DUS technical reports and FSS/EDV implementation

Based on the previous cooperation with the UPOV, CPVO, MARA and SFGA, IP Key’s seminars will take place in Beijing which focus on FSS & EDV and international cooperation and take-over of DUS reports.  

On 23 March 1999, China acceded to the UPOV '78 Act. This means that new varieties of botanical genera or species from UPOV member states can be protected in China and Chinese varieties can be protected in UPOV member States. The celebration of the 20th anniversary of China becoming a UPOV member in the week of 20 – 26 April, IP Key is organising the seminars together with our stakeholders on this occasion for strengthening skills and knowledge of the Plant Variety Rights procedure aspects and promote EU best practices as well as improving network for information-sharing among EU and Chinese authorities. 


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