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Co-organised with CPVO and Chinese ministries, in cooperation with UPOV, seminars on the International cooperation on the "take over" of DUS technical reports ans on the implementation of FSS and EDV

Together with CPVO, MARA and NFGA, in cooperation with the UPOV, IP Key held seminars in Beijing which focused on the international cooperation on the “take-over” of Distinctness, Uniformity, Stability (DUS) technical reports and on the implementation of Farm Saved Seeds and Essentially Derived Varieties (FSS and EDV).

In March 1999, China acceded to the UPOV '78 Act. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of China becoming a UPOV member. Celebrations took place from 22 to 25 April 2019. IP Key China, in collaboration with CPVO, MARA and NFGA, co-hosted two seminars:

- Seminar on FSS and EDV: One of the recommendations of the previous IP Key project to the Chinese authorities was to analyse the situation in China in respect of Farm Saved Seeds and Essentially Derived Varieties in order to develop adapted responses.

- Seminar on international co-operation and take-over of DUS reports. “Take-over” of DUS reports between authorities is an effective means of avoiding to repeat DUS tests for the same varieties in different countries. It also contributes to a wide coverage of botanical taxa of individual authorities without necessarily having to develop the technical expertise for doing the testing work themselves.


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