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Latin America

Approval of IP Key Annual Work Plan 2019

The 2019 Annual Work Plan (AWP) of IP Key Latin America has been approved on 17 December 2018 after close consultation with all involved stakeholders. It consists of 24 activities covering all fields of IP, which will be implemented in cooperation with the relevant partners in all Latin America.

The implementation of the first AWP allowed IP Key LA to collaborate with European Union (EU) and local stakeholders, national IP Offices of Latin American Countries, and with EU experts to deliver  high-quality content and information via trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops. For the AWP19, activities will continue to focus on enhancing cooperation between the EU and LA in the field of IPR protection, strengthening enforcement mechanisms and promoting the exchange of information and best practices between LA countries.

An overview of the 2019 Annual Work Plan is available here:

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