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CP3 extension – DNPI Uruguay

As a result of the joint efforts of the National Directorate of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay (DNPI), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO


Panama joins TMclass and DesignClass

As of 16 March 2020, the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry of Panama (DIGERPI) is part of TMclass and DesignClass.


Cuba joins TMview and DesignView

The Cuban Office of Industrial Property (OCPI) made its trade mark and design data available to the TMview and DesignView search tools on 9 December 2019.


Chile joins TMclass

As of 25 November 2019 the National Institute of Industrial Property Office of Chile (INAPI) joins TMclass with the latest version of the Nice classification.


Ecuador joins DesignView

As of 11 November 2019, Ecuador’s National Service of Intellectual Rights (SENADI) has made its design data available to the DesignView search tools.

With SENADI on board DesignView now contains data from 70 participating offices.


Argentina joins TMclass and Peru joins DesignClass

As of 04 November 2019, the National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina (INPI) is part of TMclass. INPI will use and accept the list of terms from the harmonised database (HDB) in TMclass.