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Blockchain and Intellectual Property: IP goes deeper in Industry 4.0

With the support of the Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo (Brazil’s largest business association) and the Instituto Nacional de Propiedade Industrial (the national administrator of industrial property rights), IP Key LA has organised a two-day webinar on the growing use of blockchain technologies and its advantages for IP enforcement.

There will be of two sessions on the interrelation of blockchain technologies and intellectual property, particularly focussing on the potential to improve IP protection and enforcement.

Blockchain is seen as an un-hackable, immutable, auditable and transparent technology. Thus it has great potential in areas such as combatting fraud, providing evidence of IP rights, record keeping, registering and clearing rights, keeping control and tracking the distribution or trade of rights, as well as establishing rights in contracts. In the IP realm, this technology is likely to have a major impact on the management, protection, and enforcement of IP rights.

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