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El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua

Fact-finding mission to Central America

During the fourth mission to the region, the project delegation met a number of important stakeholders in the region, in particular staff at the Secretary of Economic Integration of Central America (SIECA), compiling further suggestions for future activities. Moreover the visit permitted to fine tune a number of organizational aspects connected with the setup of the project office in Mexico.

This last mission concluded the IP Key effort to present and explore the priorities, needs and expectations of a very large number of stakeholders throughout Latin America resulting in some 250 ideas resulting from 80 meetings with a broad range of stakeholders across different sectors.

Monday 18 December – Mexico City

  • Meeting with IMPI - Instituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Intelectual

Tuesday 19 December – San Salvador, El Salvador

  • Meeting with CNR - Centro Nacional De Registros de El Salvador
  • Meeting with the EU Delegation to El Salvador

Wednesday 20 December – San Salvador, El Salvador

  • Meeting with the Ministerio de Economía
  • Meeting with COMEX – Ministerio de Comercio Exterior Costa Rica

Thursday 21 December – Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

  • Meeting with RPI - Registro Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual
  • Meeting with SIECA - Jefe de Equipo Asistencia Técnica - INTEC
  • Meeting with the EU Delegation to Guatemala
  • Meeting with Regional Experts

Friday 22 December – Managua, Nicaragua

  • Meeting with the EU Delegation to Nicaragua
  • Meeting with RPI - Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual

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